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30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 3- Clouds


Day 3:  Clouds

Some of the challenges seem to be taking me back in time.  When I was younger, I lived in the country.  I was very earthbound. I remember loving everything nature.  Even your typical pests– I loved them.  The weeds that grew wild– were wonderful plants. I saved slugs and earthworms every chance I got.  I adored watching the clouds and their various formations.


At some point through the years, I lost touch with my love of nature.  I’m still very nature driven. I still love the animals of nature.  I still save the earthworms.  But I fail to notice the random beauties that are surrounding us.  My life has been so busy… moving so fast!

This challenge reminded me of the nature that I love.  As I searched for the time where I can slip outside to go enjoy the views of nature.  You see, I’m working today.  In typical style, I was scheduled alone for 9 of my 12-hour shift.  Which means, I must plan on a very late lunch (after 5).  But I must make time to take a moment with nature.  I’m generally happier with nature but my schedule generally doesn’t allow me to get much time.

It was nice to get back into nature, if just for the moment.  It was a nice reminder that maybe I should be more deliberate with being in nature.  Or if I’m busy at least slowing down through the day to notice the small wonders that nature gives us!NovemberSiggie


Header Image:  Kulinetto on Pixabay


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