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30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 6- Obsession


Day 6:  Obsession


I have a lot of obsessions.  But if you ask my husband what I’m obsessed with, his answer would be very quick.  I have the world’s largest ink pen collection.  To the point that my husband won’t even let me buy any more when we go to the store.  Most of my pens have actually been free.  I pick up ink pens everywhere.  Doctor’s offices, college fairs, pharmacy vendors, and businesses.  I do buy my fair share of pens though!  That isle– it just calls to me when I’m walking through the store.

Do you want to know the best part?  I’m so OCD that at least half of my bag of pens I won’t use.  I’m very picky about my ink pens.  They really do change the way my handwriting looks.  Will I get rid of the extras?  Oh, heck no!  The one thing that I do hard– ink pens!

I bought the bunch you see above on Amazon.  My employer requires blue ink and I require a medium point!!  It also can’t promote anything.  So most of my collection can’t be used at work.  I have always loved these ink pens but I can only find the fine point at the stores!  Amazon is a life saver for me.  Sometimes too much of a life saver!!

NovemberSiggieHeader Image:  Kulinetto on Pixabay


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